Founded in 2013, ThinkinBirds is a creative advertising agency run by a team of avian humanoids. We are growing young with every passing year by the added enthusiasm and energy to deliver magical concepts.

ThinkinBirds' expertise in strategy and design has been a significance for the corporate clients, start-ups and growing SMEs. We believe in creating the extraordinary versions of the ordinary that can inspire us to soar high. We strategise by decoding the vulnerable trends of market and encode the saleable roots through our different market research techniques and analytics because Branding Is A Movement.

The market is ready, already and waiting for us to deliver what they want. So, let's create magic together for a massive win and make your customers fall in love with your brand.

An art of presentation to create the Brand Identity and its elements, your customers would fall in love with.
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A virtual shop that can help you fetch targeted customers who would love to visit you to give business quite often.
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Giving your business the right approach and develop a brand image your customers connect easily to.
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Your customers want your products and services because they love your realistic approach of giving what you show.
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You advertise not to sell but to inform. Your customers love to get informed about everything you offer, introduce and launch.
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You need to be where your customers are everyday. They are searching for you on all the social medias and the search engines right now.
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She is the lady in power. Sarcasm and a beautiful smile is her style of motivation. The adhesive adjectives that defines her are bluntness, intelligence, organised and caring. She is our all rounder who has a very strong opinion that matters a lot in every decision we make because she is our unbiased chief.



Name it and he knows it. Technically overactive geek whose body parts includes veins-cum-wires, brain-cum-processor and heart-cum-cpu. “Anna” is our technical expert. Questioning him if he knows how to channelize any hardware or software network is a crime. Because he'll turn his excitement filled face-cum-monitorscreen to answer you with his obvious sarcastic smile.



Promptness combined with discipline to make a perfect delicacy, served reflecting the efforts and execution is the perfect definition of our Graphic Designer chef Dhruvv. Some need motivation or appreciation but this guy is happy with a cup of tea, a thorough addicted cutting chai lover. He started raw and now is pro. Recognised for his valuable inputs and result oriented outputs, Dhruvv with double V is an illustrator.



A master in gaming who scans, knows and has played almost all mobile games. And this passion of gaming has created a huge "Chemical-Locha" in Sam's brains because 99.99% of his conversation comprises of discussion related to the 3D graphics, the animated elements.This gaming passion has brought lots of brain-storming configuration to animated presentation and motion graphics.



A man with a system and a system with a man. He believes in working in a team rather than leading it. His mind churns tirelessly when it comes down to creating a concept. Honestly his patience level knows no bounds. A complete workaholic who doesn’t know what it is to sit idle (as he is active 24x7x365). And he also manages to be available at all times.



Being forgetful by nature, this guy is always surrounded by a mess, trying very hard to appear busy all the time. And you can’t miss the time when his chattisgarhi tone takes over (no we do not believe in discrimination)

Nonetheless he is the most hardworking and sincere guy we have.

We’re currently accepting new client projects. We look forward to serve you.


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