Industry: Food

Chill n Grill is a Nagpur based open roof restaurant & lounge. They came to us to get a new brand identity created which would complement their target customers. We conceptualized our brand identity model to match the elegant interiors.

Logo Design:

The logo is designed by putting together 4 symbols with the application of visual illusion techniques in a minimal style. So the logo is elegant, minimal and at the same time engaging and interesting. The typeface or font is created to complement the symbol as well as make the logo more resonating and elegant.

Branding Design Part 1:

The brand identity model was designed using the logo theme and colors.

We continued the logo theme in every collateral created for the client to maintain uniformity and memorability.

Branding Design Part 2:

Menu Design 1 :

Menu Design 2.1 :

Menu Design 2.2 :