Industry: Cleanser Products Manufacturer

Dream Cleaners is a cleansing products manufacturing Company under construction. Their requirement was a brand identity for their product line which would make them stand out from the similar products in the market. Right from name suggestion for their Brand, to what accent it should communicate in order to serve the purpose.

The Logo and the Color system:

While researching we observed the design trends in the current market. The observations suggested that the current trend of designs included a lot of special effects in both logos and branding design to represent the high end technologies that developed the products.

So how do we are going to make a deference? We decided to give this brand an another outlook. We took Trust, Cleanliness and Simplicity as the key values. The consumers were already getting hammered by so much of scientific stuff. In short other brands promotion strategies were based on fear: fear of illness, infection etc. So we decide to develop a strategy around love, safety, friendliness and simplicity.

Thus we created a logo, color and branding system that represented these key values. The cloud represents dreams, the white/blue/green colors make it cleaner and the smile incorporated instantly gives a feeling of happiness and friendliness.

The Packaging Design 1:

The branding system we developed was taken to a next level in packaging making the packaging look simple, bold and attractive to stand out. The smooth contrast in the colors of backgrounds and vector patterns were designed to have a soothing effect on eyes making it instantly attractive.

The Packaging Design 2:

The brand is still in construction but we included this example to represent just how we can develop an identity without going with the crowd just on the basis of simplicity and love.