Industry: Food

Founded in 1954 by L.A.M. Phelan, Genuine Broaster Chicken is a USA based brand known for it’s patented cooking process called Broasting. Yellow Tie Hospitality LLC has brought the franchise in India and they approached us to help them give the brand an Indian look and feel so that the Indian Audience can relate with ths foreighn brand.

Logos :

YTH had created a franchise outlet system of 3 types of outlets according to the investment models. We created three unified logos that suited the brand and conveyed the products that will be served in the respective outlets along with the chicken menu.

In-store Branding Part 1 :

The Vintage American brand in India needed a combination of Western and Indian Branding. A balance between Modern and Retro. So we conceptualized and created Posters, Boards, Banners, Ceiling Sacks etc collaterals to give the ambience a familiar yet new look and feel. Treating the line “American Soul, Indian Heart” as the base concept.

In-store Branding Part 2 :

In-store Branding Part 3 :

In-store Branding Part 4 :

Packaging Part 1 :

Like In-Store, the packaging design was also created to combine the modern and vintage styles. Doodles, Vintage Illustrations, Retro Fonts and Colors were combined to create the quirky and engaging packaging design.

Packaging Part 1 :

The Menu Part 1:

The Menu was created by various styles of both vintage and modern according to the product categories.

The Menu Part 2:

The Menu Part 3:

The Menu Part 4:

The Display Menu Part 1:

The Display Menu Part 2:

The Display Menu Part 3:

The Display Menu Part 4: