Industry: Beverages

Xtreme was a fresh brand in the process of building.They specialize in Agricultural Product Based Beverages. They approached us for their initial branding.

Logo :

The Xtreme name was chosen to be out of the box. So we had to create a logo which could bind it to the Industry i.e. Beverages. As it is an agriculture based company so we created a logo that will represent both agriculture & beverages. It had to be simple and legible enough to go with any of the products trademarks and packaging design. The end result was a Simple oval emblem with two elements that represented it all in the smallest size.

Packaging- Flavored Drinks :

One of the initial products of Xtreme was flavored fruit drinks. Our team researched on the current packaging design trends in the market. So we decided to take a darker color theme with minimum effects. Result was a simple elegant design that stood out from similar products in the market.

Packaging & Hoarding - Elixir Of Nature:

The Elixir of Nature’ Campaign was conceptualized and created to promote Xtreme Packaged Drinking Water. Main objective was to give the product a luxurious image.